Cassette Slab Formwork

The cassette laying system is developed especially for the places people populate densely such as schools, shopping malls, car parks, movie theaters, theater halls, station buildings and laying loads are heavy. This laying type causes timber wastes and substantial labor losses in classical system formwork and it results in a very low quality production. Therefore, special CASSETTE LAYING FORMWORK ensures a fast preparation of formwork and consequently a high quality output due to its ease of use. 
It is the most efficient and economical rough construction formwork system developed for reinforced concrete buildings.
Especially in high ceiling or high-rise buildings, it is highly preferred because efficiency increases even more.
The strength of the reinforced concrete structure formed by the formwork structure is much higher than other formwork methods. Whether used in multi-storey or low-rise buildings, consumption is less, ergonomics and strength are much more.
All materials consist of parts that persons can carry favorably by hand without any need of a crane. By the virtue of gravity headed cassette laying application, early dismounting of formwork is available so as to ensure a high quality and swift production with fewer personnel, formwork and labor. The system is completed by an easy to install carrying scaffolding, a gravity head placed on that, which provides an easy dismounting, gravity girders and cassette formwork placed on them. All the materials in this type of formwork system can be used minimum 15 times and this decreases the cost of formwork within the structure to almost none. The pictures and perspective drawings demonstrate the details of the system. 
Cassette Laying Formwork;
They are manufactured on demand in tailor made sizes.
The lifespan of the formwork is up to 50 times depending on the utilization. 
They ensure a perfect concrete surface. 
They are durable and easy to use.
They provide saving of concrete amount compared to plate laying.
Their mounting, carrying, laboring and dismounting process is easy.