Our company has been operating since cassette mold trade in 2009, its basic principle: To contribute to the national economy and to serve our valued customers by producing new solutions to the needs of the building industry.

With the idea of ​​using good machinery and quality raw materials as the conditions for quality production, we are delighted with the pleasure of using our caste molds, which are designed and prepared for our customers to use in concrete manufacturing, with their superior quality and functionality.

There are many businesses in economic life. Each of them operates in the branch of their choice and they do something. However, only a few of them do the "best" things. Our target; To become a world company by meticulously protecting the understanding of superior quality products, quality service and customer satisfaction. Since the very first day, we have chosen our target as "exemplary" with our pioneering innovations and "pursued" achievements with our activities in our sector. In order to reach our goals, we have determined our vision as being customer-oriented, providing quality products, providing unlimited after-sales support to our customers, and always doing fair trade.

We saw and used the evaluation of our earnings as the earnings of our customers, our country and the world. Today, we know whatever situation we are in, which has been achieved with the support of our customers. We thank our valued customers for this. To continuously improve ourselves with the pursuit of perfection and to be a preferred business partner by following the technology closely in our new investments.
We are a company that is sensitive to the environment and adds value to its stakeholders with our field of activity, our values, our manufacturing capabilities, and constantly improves itself towards being perfect.