WASTE MANAGEMENT, whose purpose of establishment is to ensure the continuity of production and a livable clean environment in the region it serves, by preventing the damage of the wastes to the environment, has adopted the following Environmental Policy principles:

 • To keep the environmental values ​​such as emission and noise during our activities by measuring and following them, and to keep them below the minimum values ​​specified in the legislation with the international criteria we depend on.

 • To minimize environmental risks caused by our activities by following new environmental technologies and systems.

 • To minimize the consumption of natural resources and reduce waste generation in our activities.

 • To develop environmental awareness by making social responsibility projects, especially education activities, and supporting environmental projects.

 • To make emergency plans against situations that pose a risk to the environment.

 • To fulfill the requirements of the applicable environmental legislation and standard in all our works.

 • To ensure the continuity of improvement by regularly reviewing the objectives and targets set for the environment.